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Quest offers a range of services covering HR, employment law, health and safety, legal, insurance and tax to trade associations, affinity groups, Chambers of Commerce, insurers, accountants and other organisations throughout the UK.

By including these services in their portfolio, Quest partners can benefit from increased recruitment and retention of members or clients, and increased revenue.

At Quest we understand that simply making these services available to members is not enough on its own - it is only when members actually use the services that real value is derived and you maximise your benefit in terms of retention.

We not only endeavour to provide a comprehensive range of services at a competitive price, but we aim become an active partner of your organisation, working with you to raise awareness and encourage usage of the services by your members or customers.

Our Partners

Quest is the exclusive recommended partner by the British Chambers of Commerce to the network and we now partner with almost every UK Chamber. We are also an official partner of the Trade Association Forum and have Recognised Supplier status with MemberWise.

Quest is also partnered with Rhino Trade Insurance, providers of tradesman insurance.


What’s in it for you?


A more attractive and valuable proposition will help increase recruitment of new members or clients.


A valuable range of services that deliver real benefits will help you to retain members or clients.


Commission earning opportunities from the sale of optional premium services to your members or clients.

Raise your profile

Our advice line and online services can be white labelled to strengthen and enhance your brand.

What’s in it for your members?

Access to Advice

Quality, professional, HR, health and safety, legal, tax and VAT advice.

Access to Documents

Comprehensive online documentation libraries that include a wide range of HR, health and safety, legal and business documents.

Significant Savings

By comparison to the cost of obtaining advice from consultants or solicitors, or the cost of access to online documentation services.

Peace of Mind

Legal expenses insurance cover that provides indemnity for fees incurred in pursuit or defence of a wide range of legal proceedings.



Why choose Quest?

There are many reasons to choose Quest as your service partner.

  1. A credible and trusted partner – we have been supplying premium quality services to membership organisations for over 15 years. We were selected by the British Chambers of Commerce as their exclusive recommended partner to the UK network for advisory services and insurance. Also we are a selected partner of the Trade Association Forum who recommend Quest to UK trade associations.
  2. Membership specialists – Quest employ membership specialists to work with our partners so we have a unique understanding of your needs and challenges. This has helped us to develop a service offer that is distinctly different to anyone else and can help you use the service to enhance your retention and recruitment.
  3. Service Support Programme – a unique range of support activity that has a focus on helping you communicate the availability of the service and encourages members to use it.
  4. Under one roof – all services (HR, health and safety, legal and tax) are delivered in-house by Quest staff. We do not need to outsource any key aspects of our service

Your Partnerships Team

Myles Day
Commercial Business Manager

Perry Johnson
Marketing Executive

Our Services



    HR & Health and Safety Support

  • Tools to help manage and protect your business with online support

  • Online Support
  • Remote Support
  • On-Site Support


    HR & Health and Safety Support

  • Quest provide the tools and work with you remotely to support you and your business

  • Online Support
  • Remote Support
  • On-Site Support
  • GOLD


    HR & Health and Safety Support

  • Your personal people solution supporting your business on site

  • Online Support
  • Remote Support
  • On-Site Support

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