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What are the Health and Safety Statistics for 2022/23?

30 November 2023

The HSE recently published its annual report on the number of fatalities, incidents, and cases of work-related ill-health. Employers should take heed and implement foolproof H&S systems.

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How Can Employers Support Staff with Financial Difficulties?

29 November 2023

Recent research briefing documents published by the House of Commons explain how the cost of living is impacting the UK, and what the government’s support measures are.

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Is the Disclosure Period for Criminal Convictions Changing?

24 November 2023

Section 193 of the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act came into force on 28 Oct 2023. This means employees have less time to disclose custodial convictions before they become spent.

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Seasonal Workers: How To Safeguard Their Safety

21 November 2023

With so many seasonal vacancies being filled at this time of year, it is important to ensure that temporary and/or agency staff are protected in the workplace.

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Can Agency Workers Request Predictable Working Patterns?

19 November 2023

The Worker (Predictable Terms and Conditions) Bill received Royal Assent on 18 Sept, granting staff the right to request set work patterns when their arrangements are varied or flexible.

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Can Expense Claims for a Partner’s Sandwich Give Rise to Dismissal?

16 November 2023

The Employment Tribunal’s (ET) decision in the case of Szabolcs Fekete v Citibank NA 2023 reminds employers to have robust policies in place to cover staff expenses.

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Employer Obligations for Wellbeing at Work Week

14 November 2023

Stress is a common and very real health and safety issue. Employers have a duty to safeguard the welfare and wellbeing of their staff – including their mental health in the workplace.

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Lawful Monitoring in the Workplace

10 November 2023

New guidance from ICO means employers must assess the impact of monitoring staff and intruding into their work and/or private lives.

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Can Employees Refuse to Install Work-Related Apps on their Personal Phone?

30 October 2023

Uncover a pivotal case on workplace app use leading to unfair dismissal. Learn how employers can safeguard their employees' privacy within employment law.

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COVID 19: Update On Employer Rights

24 October 2023

COVID-19 is rapidly rising, and yet medical authorities have not issued any directives on handling the cases in the workplace. With this in mind, what can employers do if their staff test positive?

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Construction Dust Kills: Is Enough Being Done?

19 October 2023

HSE carried out random construction site inspections as part of their Dust Kills campaign, and found that dust awareness was non-existent, or - at best, inadequate.

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TUPE Transfers and Equivalent Share Incentive Plans

17 October 2023

When an employee transfers under TUPE, they are eligible to be provided with an equivalent share incentive scheme previously supplied by their transferor.

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Sickness Trends in the UK Economy

09 October 2023

A recent survey has found that UK workers are taking more sick days off than at any other point in the last ten years, negatively impacting businesses and the economy.

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Can an Employment Tribunal hear a Discrimination Claim that is Out of Time?

03 October 2023

The Answer When it comes to employment tribunal claims, strict guidelines need to be observed. Discrimination claims – for example, must be presented within three months of the act or acts complained about for the case to be heard. Where there is continuing discrimination – or a series of acts of d…

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Can Employees be Dismissed for Making Inappropriate Comments?

27 September 2023

To safeguard victims, it’s vital you tackle inappropriate workplace language immediately – as highlighted in G Coleman v Doncaster Culture & Leisure Trust.

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Capability Termination: Is it a Dismissal?

20 September 2023

A mutually agreed capability termination is not liable for an unfair dismissal claim - so ruled the EAT in Riley v Direct Line Insurance Group (2023).

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Is the Government encouraging more Occupational Health referrals for long term sickness?

14 September 2023

The Government intends to keep the labour market strong, but their vision has hit an obstacle: Long-term sickness is now the main reason for economic inactivity.

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Landowners and Livestock: A Health & Safety Perspective

01 September 2023

Landowners who keep livestock on their land should be aware that they are under a duty to keep such animals safe and securely confined to protect the public. Cows, sheep, horses and pigs are commonly housed in fields, and it is not uncommon for them to escape from their enclosures.

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Employer’s Duty to make Reasonable Adjustments for Job Applicants

29 August 2023

The Employment Appeal Tribunal case of AECOM Limited v Mallon highlights the need for an employer to undertake reasonable inquiries about the job applicant’s disability, and its impact on the application procedure.

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Do part-time employees get bank holidays if they don’t work on a day that a bank holiday falls?

24 August 2023

Part-time employees should not be treated less favourably in comparison to full-time employees in relation to their terms and conditions of employment. This will include their rights in relation to bank holidays.

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