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Do Pranks and Banter at Work Warrant Dismissal?

04 April 2024

In the recent case of Richardson v West Midlands Trains, the ET dealt with the subject of dismissal for pranks and banter at work, awarding £40,000 damages for unfair dismissal.

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Does the Absence of Exclusive Toilets Constitute Sex Discrimination?

19 March 2024

In the case of Abbas v ISS Facility Services, the EAT found a failure to provide adequate toilet facilities for females compared to males amounted to direct sex discrimination.

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Key Immigration Updates for Ukrainian Nationals Working in the UK

05 March 2024

Employers of Ukrainian nationals should be aware of the latest changes to the Immigration Rules. Effective from 19 Feb 2024, these rules mark an end to the Ukrainian Family Scheme.

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Comprehensive Guide on Whistleblower Protections and Tribunal Award Caps

28 February 2024

Under provisions within Section 207A of TULRCA, ETs can uplift compensation awards by 25% when employers do not follow the ACAS Code of Practice for disciplinaries and grievances.

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Compliance Requirements for Anyone Sponsoring Overseas Care Staff

22 February 2024

The case of Prestwick Care v Secretary of State for the Home Department serves to remind employers of the compliance conditions they need to meet when sponsoring overseas staff.

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Flexible Working Updates: Wilson v Financial Conduct Authority 2023

14 February 2024

As employers continue to struggle with flexible working requests, the case of Wilson v FCA 2023 emphasises the importance of having clear policies and procedures in place.

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Determining Affirmation of Contract in Constructive Dismissal Situations

08 February 2024

The recent case of Leaney v Loughborough University 2023 serves to remind employers of their duty to concentrate on what employees do to affirm their contract – rather than what they omitted to do. Leaney v Loughborough University 2023 – The Background In this case, the staff member in question ha…

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Comprehensive Guide on Zero Hour Contracts

06 February 2024

Zero hour contracts can often have different meanings, but – in general terms, they are casual arrangements between the parties where there are no guaranteed working hours, no obligation on the business to provide any hours, and no obligation on part of a person to accept the hours offered. Arrangem…

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Fire Safety: Safe Use and Handling of Lithium-ION Batteries

02 February 2024

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, all employers are under a statutory obligation to take reasonable steps to safeguard against the risk of fire. More specifically, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 applies to virtually all premises. Employers are required to undertake a suit…

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Asbestos: Your Duty as an Employer

22 January 2024

The HSE recently started an Asbestos Awareness campaign to help raise awareness of the use of asbestos. It is aimed at those who have responsibility for the maintenance of buildings.

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Damages Increase in Whistleblowing Dismissals for ACAS Non-Compliance

16 January 2024

A recent decision from the EAT reminds employers that - where there is a failure to follow the ACAS Code, this can result in considerably higher damages against the employer.

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Transgender Harassment: Monroe v Central Bedfordshire Council

12 January 2024

Employers are reminded to seek professional guidance when facing gender reassignment situations to avoid any immediate or long-term employment claims.

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Restricting staff social media posts: Does this curtail free speech?

08 January 2024

Employers must ensure they have an inclusion and diversity policy in place, and that they do not favour staff who express concerns over another employee's beliefs.

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Top Ten Health & Safety Prosecutions of 2023

19 December 2023

HSE recently published a list of the top ten HS prosecutions of 2023. These fines demonstrate the serious financial consequences of health and safety breaches on employers.

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Employment Law Updates for 2024

15 December 2023

Several employment law bills were given Royal Assent in 2023 - with many of them coming into force in 2024. Here is what you should be preparing for.

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HSE Launch Free Online Tool for Work-Related Stress

13 December 2023

Following publication of their annual statistics– which highlighted an increase in work-related stress, the HSE has launched a new online tool as part of its Working Minds campaign.

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Are Bonus Clawback Clauses regarded as a Restraint of Trade?

11 December 2023

When bonus clawbacks are interpreted as undue interference in preventing employees from earning money elsewhere, it could be regarded a restraint of trade - and thus, unenforceable.

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Business Restructuring, Redundancy, and Refusing Alternative Work

05 December 2023

The CEBR has suggested around 7,000 UK businesses are likely to go insolvent every quarter in 2024. Employers may look at restructuring to avoid going under, but this has consequences.

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What are the Health and Safety Statistics for 2022/23?

30 November 2023

The HSE recently published its annual report on the number of fatalities, incidents, and cases of work-related ill-health. Employers should take heed and implement foolproof H&S systems.

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How Can Employers Support Staff with Financial Difficulties?

29 November 2023

Recent research briefing documents published by the House of Commons explain how the cost of living is impacting the UK, and what the government’s support measures are.

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